Social Media and American Identity with Cruz Medina

January 17, 2017

This week's episode explores how questions of racial and ethnic justice intersect with American identity on social media. How is the common good negotiated on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and digital testimonio? To unpack these questions, we’re joined by Cruz Medina, assistant professor of Rhetoric and Composition in the Department of English at Santa Clara University, and Bannan Institute Scholar in the Ignatian Center. His book Reclaiming Pocho Pop looks at issues of citizenship, education, and politics, related to Latinx in the U.S. Explore more of Cruz’s work on or follow him on Twitter, @academiadecruz.


Race and Mass Incarceration in the U.S. with Bill O’Neill, S.J.

January 15, 2017

In the first season of INTEGRAL, we’re exploring how issues of racial and ethnic justice intersect with the common good. Is there a common good in our common home? To engage these pressing questions of racial justice and the common good today, particularly within the US criminal justice system, we’re joined by Bill O’Neill, S.J. associate professor of Social Ethics at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University, Bannan Institute Scholar in the Ignatian Center, and a Jesuit priest. His writings address questions of social reconciliation, human rights, and refugee policy. His most recent publication is entitled, “First Be Reconciled: Restorative Justice and Deliberative Democracy.” 


INTEGRAL Podcast Preview

December 1, 2016

Be the first to get a sneak preview of the new podcast from the Bannan Institute of the Igntian Center for Jesuit Education at Santa Clara University. Follow us as we explore questions of racial, economic, environmental, and gender issues.